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We are sales people that train. We make live calls during training to demonstrate the practical techniques we share.

Who we are

Sales Doctor was first formed back in 2006 to deliver a different kind of sales training.

Whilst other leading sales trainers focused on the generic sales theory, we wanted to provide training tailored towards your business – highly practical advice you could implement right away.

Alongside this, we feel that our training should be fun, participative & interactive, something different from any other sales company you work with.

With over 250 clients throughout 40 industries we have a wealth of experience that we can bring to add value to your business. We work with companies like Oakley Sunglasses, Hammonds Furniture, Polypipe and many more.

Meet our founders

Tony Morris

Tony Morris has over 8 years sales training experience. In the fifteen years of selling he has generated over £8m of business and in his four years at Capscan before setting up Sales Doctor, he sold the highest value order of £725,000 over a 3-year contract. He has a regular column in the Business Connections section of the London Evening Standard and Greater Manchester Business Week Magazine among others and has written a book on sales training tips entitled ``Coffee\'s for Closers``.

Boyd Mayover

Boyd has been involved in the setting up and running of sales companies for the last 30 years in a variety of industries. This involved all aspects of running a business from recruiting, training, selling, managing, developing systems and people and most importantly looking after the P & L. Boyd has a clear mission that is based on inspirational leadership, quality management and creating a culture that nurtures and develops people; allowing them to see a clear path within the company.

Meet our Trainers

John Fletcher

John is a forward thinking Sales Trainer and Sales Coach with a track record in delivering exceptional results across a range of industries. In the last 10 years John has been successfully combining his own role as a Salesperson with delivery of Sales Training and Coaching where he is able to pass on his proven strategies and techniques to enable others to also generate exceptional results

Dan Kleinman

Dan is a seasoned facilitator, trainer and coach with over 12 years Learning and Development experience in the corporate and commercial arena. He has consulted, designed and delivered classroom, web-based and 1:1 executive coaching programmes for clients including British Gas, Intel, LinkedIn & Motorola.

Peter Green

Peter is a dynamic and entertaining management and leadership development facilitator with over 20 years experience in the corporate and business world. He uses a unique blend of brain friendly methods to bring learning to life and create lasting behavioural change. He has spoken to or trained over 4000 people in 12 countries. Some of the companies he has delivered to include Mars Incorporated, Astrazeneca, Pepsico and Reckit Benkiser. He is qualified in MBTI, NLP, Adv Dip Coaching, Emotional Intelligence.

Vanessa McLennan

Vanessa McLennan is a dynamic and inspiring sales and recruitment trainer with 15 years recruitment industry experience in various sales roles. She understands what it is like to do the job and brings that experience to her training courses. Since 2008 she has provided classroom training and 1:1 desk coaching for major companies such as Addeco and Ranstad.

Melissa Bailey

Melissa is a dynamic sales trainer with proven success accross a range of industries. Having worked in the sales arena for over 15 years she has enjoyed phenomenal successes including generating over £150m in assets under management in just 2 years for UBS Asset Management working on an entirely new business model for them; transforming a stale London Art Gallery into a leader on the London scene; and going out transferring these skills to offer successful sales consultancy to a broad range of clients. Having worked on the ground for many years, melissa can offer practical and tangible advice with working examples to really inspire her groups to get back out and reach for the stars!

Kerry Hodgkiss

Kerry has built, led and directed teams in sales, customer service and business development for over 25 years and has spent the past 9 years within the financial services industry developing and executing face to face and online learning strategies for contact centre and retail sales teams. Kerry has worked with many big company\'s some of them being British Gas, AXA Insurance & John Lewis just to name a few.

John Bullock
Sales Management Training Expert

John has developed very unique Solution Focused Success System. For 30 years, Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) has been developed as a positive and pragmatic way to work with individuals and organisations. As the name suggests, it’s about focusing on solutions, rather than problems. We say, rather than focusing on what is wrong, it is much more effective to talk about solutions. Thus bringing a degree of realistic, effective relief as quickly as possible. The approach values simplicity in philosophy and language, aiming to discover “what works” in a given situation, simply and practically.

Rob Moon
Sales Training Expert

Rob has had a passion for helping people grow for the last 20 years. His 21 years at Yell gave him a strong foundation in sales and management including 14 years in the Learning & Development department supporting sales people and managers. Rob has a thorough knowledge of the sales process as well as the psychology of “why customers buy”. Rob’s belief is that a good sales person will engage in how people buy then become a facilitator of their customer’s own natural buying process. This leads to more sales and lasting relationships.

Richard McCann
Presentation Skills Trainer

Having walked the path himself, Richard has a deep understanding of the obstacles that hold people back. He knows how to unlock the enormous potential that is within others. After 10 years of speaking to people all over the world, Richard has first hand experience of what works. He can explain why certain tools and techniques work with conviction and confidence. As a self-made success, Richard has proved his business acumen. Whether you need to make a high powered sales presentation to a board of directors or you are sharing a personal message with a huge theatre audience, he can give you the skills to succeed.

Melanie Howell
Sales Training Expert

Melanie's role within our Sales Doctor team focuses purely on the Estate Agency sector. She has been in the industry over 13 years and worked for Manning Stainton one of the largest and most successful Estate Agency brands in the North of England. Melanie has worked within Sales, Lettings and Property Management and recognises the importance of delivering exceptional customer service in order to build and maintain business levels. She has been a dedicated training specialist since 2013 helping to develop teams to stand out through challenging and changing market conditions.


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