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Boyd Mayover is the Managing Director of the Sales Doctors, one of the market leading sales training companies in the UK. With over 30 years of success in sales, he has helped over 5000 sales professionals across 65 industries exceed their goals.

Boyd is considered by many to be one of the leading sales experts in the UK and has achieved incredible results with his clients through his innovative training.

He is a strong believer that everyone training on behalf of the Sales Doctors has bought into our ethos – an ethos which is focused on answering clients’ problems and concerns with a straight answer as opposed to generic sales techniques.

Boyd believes that the only way to train is to enthuse, inspire and most importantly challenge people to deal with the everyday problems that sales people face rather than deal with theory.

Boyd is the co-author of ‘The Perfect Sales Call’ and ‘Dear Sales Doctor’, two sales books teaching practical, real-life sales tips.

He is also a regular speaker on BBC Three Counties Radio, contributor to Winning Edge magazine and speaker for a number of organisations.

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Paul Maguire

Paul Maguire

Enterprise Sales Executive, SkillSoft

Boyd has all the attributes of a great salesperson. Despite having worked in sales for many years, I was able to gather many new perspectives throughout the day in key areas such as prospecting, objection handling, closing and getting referrals.

Boyd has a great deal of experience with service-based businesses and I highly recommend him to any sales-driven business that is looking to improve the performance of its salesforce in all key areas.

Jason Fairfield

Jason Fairfield

Creative Director, Fairfield & Co

Boyd delivered his training with a level of simplicity & clarity that was refreshing, without any hype. Even when I was familiar with some of the areas that were being covered, it was good to see them from a completely different angle.

Boyd has that sort of personality that people warm to, so when you find an expert in his field who can easily find rapport with others, you have a great recipe for engaged and empowered staff. I highly recommend Boyd to your organisation.

Gavin Rebelllo

Gavin Rebelllo

Partner, Patrick and Menzies

What makes Boyd stand out from your general sales trainer is that he understands people and what drives them to make the decision on whether to buy from you or your rival. He transformed our weakest performer, building their confidence with significant results and consistent performance.

I have no hesitation in recommending Boyd, he is a people person, delivers fantastic results and your investment will be repaid in multitude.”


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