Open One Day Workshop

If you have a smaller team and want them to benefit from professional training, they can attend one of our popular one-day open workshops. They will learn ideas from other businesses in the room, as well as gaining innovative ideas, techniques and strategies to be the best they can be.


£199 per person per workshop or £449 per person for all three courses

Live Sales Calling Made Easy

What you’ll achieve from this workshop:

  • This workshop will teach delegates how to make outbound sales calls more effectively ONLY the trainer will conduct live calls to the delegates’ prospects or inactive clients
  • An understanding of how to turn a prospect into a meeting/deal
  • How to handle objections with the Sales Doctors unique “UNLOCK THE TRUTH” method

Presentation Skills

What you’ll achieve from this workshop:

  • We teach all levels of consultant to present on a 1-2-1 basis, to a team and to an entire company
  • A clear understanding of the skills and attitude needed to blow the competition away
  • Understand what your customer expects from you

Face to Face Sales Made Easy

What you’ll achieve from this workshop:

  • This workshop will provide all the techniques required to ensure your business is the only option for the client
  • How body language and attitude makes the difference
  • How to be seem as partnering the customer in his purchase /business rather than selling to them

Customer Services Made Easy

What you’ll achieve from this workshop:

  • This workshop will teach delegates how to deliver world class service and retain their clients and create raving fans
  • Learn what will make your company world class
  • Understand that how you fix an issue is more important than the issue

Sales Management Made Easy

What you’ll achieve from this workshop:

  • This workshop will help Sales Managers and Sales Directors get the best performance out of their teams whilst developing a culture that nurtures encourages and rewards
  • How to coach to develop not undermine
  • How to use KPI’S to drive your team forward to even greater success
  • How to develop key thinking skills (Emotional Intelligence) to change behaviour and maximise results sustainably
  • Understand the different types of people in an organisation and how to lead/manage them
  • How to take Personal Responsibility and be a brand ambassador
We deliver bespoke sales training that propels your sales success

Flexible & bespoke sales training to accommodate the needs of you & your team.


Practical techniques you can easily implement for instant improvements.


Free on-going support via phone or email, after training is complete.


A proven track record working with businesses of all types & sizes.

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