Success Story : Dukes of London

Dukes of London is a promotional merchandise company. They found their customers were only basing their decision on price, leading to a demotivated sales team.


  • To generate more appointments from cold calling
  • To increase the conversion rates from an inbound enquiry to a sale
  • To increase their average order value
  • To gain more referrals


  • Operating in a market place where the majority of our competiton are discounting their prices
  • Too many tentative enquiries where people are only interested in a quote
  • Decision being based ONLY on price
  • Sales Team demotivated

The Training Course

We delivered a 12 day bespoke sales training program which included:

  • Telephone manner and techniques on handling inbound enquiries
  • How to qualify and show an interest in your applicant and/or vendor
  • How to qualify and show an interest in your prospect
  • How to cold call B2B companies without rejection
  • How to conduct a meeting to convert more business
  • How to cross sell and up sell to increase the average order value


Dukes of London increased the number of new business meetings whilst improving their conversion rates of both enquiry to order and from meeting to sales.

  • Increased conversion rates by 63% from an enquiry into an order
  • Increased the number of new business meetings by over 200% in the first six weeks
  • Conversion from a meeting to a sale improved by 27%
  • Account management team tripled the number of referrals they gained from their existing customers
  • Increased our average order value by over 16%
  • Entire team regained their hunger for their role resulting in a consistent level of increased performance
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