Many of my clients tell me they have a great meeting and compile a proposal and then when they chase for feedback it goes cold. They can never get hold of the prospect and after a few attempts accept defeat.

I recommend 2 emails to send. Feedback is a gift and without it, you’ll never learn and never develop.


Email 1:

Subject line: Your valued thoughts and opinions


It was an absolute pleasure meeting you on x date and discussing a,b, and c. Since that date, I’ve not been able to get hold of you.

If you have decided it’s not for you that’s absolutely fine, all I ask is for your valued thoughts and opinions. You will never offend me, the more feedback you can provide the better.

At Sales Doctors, we are always looking to grow and develop and it’s for that reason that we take all feedback very seriously.

I sincerely look forward to hearing from you,

Kindest Regards


Most people like to give their opinion,

So you should get a response. If you don’t, try this email:


Subject: Have I offended you?


I’m really concerned that I have offended you. That was never my intention and if I have, I sincerely apologise.

I’m very passionate about what I do and I would never want to cause any offence.

Kindest Regards



Most people would never want you to think you have offended them, so if you haven’t, they will reply.