Bespoke Field Sales Training

Sales Doctor provides bespoke sales training courses. We work with the situations you face everyday in your business and tailor our workshops specifically to your needs.

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What You Will Gain:

• Techniques to create an amazing first impression that will enable you to build instant rapport with every contact

• The benefits of understaning Sales Doctors innovate ‘tag on questioning’ technique which will result in far more qualified conversations

• Dynamic methods to manage your ‘traffic light’ pipeline which will reduce the size of your maybe column forever

• The skills to be able to present, influence and inspire your audience

• The ability to learn how to recommend and not pitch

• The ability to turn an objection into an opportunity for business

What’s Covered:

✔ Generating appointments

✔ Getting help from the gatekeeper

✔ Listening skills

✔ Objection handling

✔ Asking for the business

✔ Asking for the business

✔ Planning and preparing to succeed

✔ Questioning and qualifying techniques

✔ FAB Selling (features/ advantages/ benefits)

✔ Understanding your pipeline (long tail/ short tail)

✔ Negotiation skills

✔ Consolidate the sale

Our Approach

Diagnose Issue

We talk to the businesses we work with first to identify the sales problems you are facing and tailor our training specifically to your needs.

Cure With Training

Our training is specifically tailored towards your business needs. We’ll teach you some of innovative and practical techniques to ensure you make more sales and increase conversions.

One Day Check-Up

Once your training is complete, that won’t be the end of it. We’ll provide a one-day check to ensure your training is being implemented successfully.

One Month Post-Training Open Clinic

Whether you need to discuss any challenges you may be facing or get a second opinion, you have access to us via email or phone whenever you need it.

Why Choose Us?

What are the maximum number of employees that can attend?

12 people. For additional numbers, please get in touch etc..

Where will the training take place?

We are very flexible in the choice of venue. Training can take place either at your offices, our offices, or another suitable venue..

How long will training take place?

Our bespoke training courses will take place from 1 to 3 days, entirely at your choice to fit your needs and time restraints. Our focused workshops (including estate agents & Selling-Made-Easy) are one-day workshops..

What Our Clients Say

Testimonial Adam Bassant
  • Adam Bassant
  • Depot Manager, Viridor

“With the new financial year upon us, I was keen to ensure that our sales team possessed all the tools to go out and sell our services. Having met with Boyd Mayover from Sales Doctor, I arranged for a two days sales course for our team. The Course was very interactive, and really challenged our current Sales practice, especially in overcoming objections, negotiation techniques and closing the customer. Our sales team found the course enjoyable as well as challenging, and took real benefit from some self analysis. Our sales team are now out in the field, applying the techniques and sales strategies explained by Boyd, and with his Phone consultancy service as a back up in times of need, I am very optimistic that we will see the results very soon. If you manage a Sales function, I would certainly advocate you give Boyd a call.”

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