Whilst we are told you should ‘never judge a book by its cover’ this is easier said than done. The same can be said with appearances. Whether intentional or not, people often make assumptions and judgements based on what people look like. These can be in terms of characteristics as well as skills and in the world of sales can make a big difference to the chances of selling success

An unkempt appearance can have a negative effect on potential clients. For example clothes which look too casual or are not well ironed can suggest that you do not take pride in how you dress and may mean you do not pay attention to detail in your work either. Similarly, messy hair or stubble can also create a poor impression. For example some people might perceive you as lazy for not being well groomed or poor at time management for not leaving enough time to get ready in the morning.

On the other hand, dressing well in a suit with a shirt and tie, or in a smart dress and jacket can give quite the opposite impression. It signals that you care about your appearance and the company you represent. Similarly, being clean shaven or having a well-kempt beard shows you have taken time to look presentable. This is more likely to engender trust in you from possible customers which in turns means they will be more receptive to your sales pitch.

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