Success Story : Jurys Inn


  • To increase the conversion rates from an inbound enquiry into a booking

  • To increase their average order value

  • To proactively gain referrals

  • To make more show rounds and improve the conversion into a booking

  • To generate more meetings from cold calling


  • Operating in a competitive market place which had become largely price driven

  • Too many tentative enquiries where people are only interested in a quote

  • Quotes not being followed up effectively

  • Referrals not proactively asked for

  • Lack of new business meetings made by cold calling

  • Poor feedback on our customer service

The Training Course

We delivered a 48 day bespoke training programme (4 days a month) which included:

  • Telephone manner and techniques on handling inbound enquiries
  • How to follow up on quotes
  • How to ask for a referral
  • How to cross sell and up sell to increase the average order value
  • How to manage the sales team
  • How to present effectively
  • How to deliver world class service


Jurys Inns saw a dramatic boost in customer confidence, more bookings and an increase on the bottom line.

  • Increased conversion rates by 28% from an enquiry into a booking, resulting in an additional £240,000 net profit over the year

  • Increased average order value by over 12% per booking

  • Team proactively gained referrals, which they never did prior to training

  • Increased the number of show rounds by over 40% and increased the conversion into a booking by 21%

  • Team almost doubled the amount of new business meetings generated from cold calling

  • Customer feedback surveys showed a dramatic increase from 55% to 91%

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