How To Overcome The Fear Of The Unknown In Sales

When you talk about how good you are its bragging; when someone else talks about how good you are, its proof! Therefore you need to use testimonials to reassure your prospect and put their mind at rest. Wherever you can, you need to use a relevant testimonial to the prospect. So when I target estate agents for my sales training, I use a testimonial from an estate agent that I am confident they’d have heard of and it talks about how my sales training helped their business i.e. increased the number of viewings the negotiators make, improve their conversions from a viewing to a sales or let, developed their cold calling skills to call landlords and increase the number of valuations they generate. The more specific the testimonial the better, so if your client is able to specify by what percentage you increased their business, or reduced their costs etc. the better. When you ask your client for a testimonial they often agree to it, however it’s never a top priority of theirs and there’s nothing in it for them to write it for you. I recommend you suggesting to your client that you will write the testimonial and email it to them for their approval; therefore saving them time and hassle. Ask them for copies of their logo when they approve it, and

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