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Sales Doctors is an international sales training company that has helped over 26,000 sales professionals across 60+ industries perform better in sales.

We only provide practical, real life techniques that can be implemented immediately to achieve better results.

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Is sales a numbers game?

In my opinion sales is only numbers game if done correctly! I am one of the worst footballers you could ever meet and if I took 100 penalties against an average keeper I may score 3 by pure luck alone. If you took a footballer that had some ability, who practiced on a...

Helping people buy

In this current economic climate and buyers being more cautious with spending their budgets than ever before, now is the pivotal time a sales professional must always be on his ‘A Game’. It’s all about being able to demonstrate how you can add value to your customers...

Sell the difference

Question: Dear Sales Doctor, more often than not my prospective customer says my product is ‘too expensive’ and I find this really difficult to overcome, as we are more expensive than our competitors. My boss won’t allow us to drop our prices so I’m losing loads of...