Despite the increase in online sales technology, telemarketing still plays a significant role in generating sales for many companies. When carried out properly this form of sales can be really beneficial and help drive business. Here our five top do’s and don’ts for successful telemarketing:


  1. Be positive and upbeat. Being enthusiastic about the product or service you are trying to sell will mean other people are more likely to be interested in it too.
  2. Think about the hours that you are most likely to reach potential buyers – these may be after 5pm when people will have finished work at be able to talk.
  3. Do practise the script in the form of a role play beforehand to be able to deliver it with confidence. It is also useful to listen to past calls and think about how they could be improved.
  4. Make sure you invest in high quality phone lines which are echo free.
  5. Set realistic targets to hit, whether this be a number of outgoing calls per hour, number of appointments made or number or sales achieved to keep staff motivated and on task.


  1. Let yourself be distracted whilst on a call to a potential customer. Make sure mobile phones are away and other employees do not to interrupt you.
  2. Be afraid to ask for clarification from a team leader/manager if you do not know an answer to a question – it’s better to check than to give an incorrect response which could be harmful later on.
  3. Eat or drink whilst making telesales calls – it will give an unprofessional impression and limit the chances of making a sale.
  4. Fly though the script to get all of the sentences out – speaking quickly will make you difficult to understand and the listener less likely to pay attention.
  5. Dwell on unsuccessful calls – move onto the next one, with a positive, enthusiastic tone.

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