Customers experience is extremely important across the service sector, but especially so in hotels. With competition high and the number of accommodation alternatives they can choose from numerous, a negative experience can mean they take their custom elsewhere. Here are three reasons why you should be focusing on providing a great experience for guests throughout their stay:

  1. One poor element can affect the whole experience

A good customer experience needs to be provided throughout the time spent at the hotel. This means from arrival, through to checkout. If any element is perceived to be below standard, for example an unwelcome check-in, or poor service in the restaurant, then this will stay in the customer’s mind and will deter them from booking there again.

  1. Great experience creates brand loyalty

On the other hand, providing a high quality experience can promote brand loyalty and lead to repeat bookings from the guest. If customers have a great experience they are more likely to return as they will be assured that the hotel will provide a good service and therefore value for money. This is great for bookings and business.

  1. Experiences can help gain new custom through e-WOM

Finally, a positive customer experience can also help increase bookings from new customers. With online review sites such as TripAdvisor commonly used to aid decision-making, positive feedback left by previous guests could be the tipping point between whether someone chooses the hotel or not. Indeed customers talking about great service are more likely to encourage new sales at the place than those which highlight poor experiences had there.

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