Are you the decision maker?

So many people ask this and it’s the wrong question. 12 years ago I met the MD of the largest online H&S training co in the UK. When I confirmed the meeting I said “as MD I assume it’s your session if we move forward?” He replied “absolutely”.

I drove 2 hours to meet him and had a 1.5 hour meeting and at the end of the meeting I said “what dates would you like to book?” And he replied “I need to have a chat with my business partner first.”

Whose fault was that?

100% mine!!

I should have asked “aside from you David, who else would get involved in making the decision?”

He would have replied “my business partner Brad.”

To which I would have said “I need to meet both you and Brad. The reason being is you’ll both have different questions and I need to answer those to ensure you can both make an informed decision.”

It’s paramount you meet ALL decision Makers involved, otherwise the person you meet is selling your business for you.

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