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Sales Doctors is a provider of results-driven sales training for Estate Agents across the UK and is recognised as being a market leader helping over 180 independent companies double their rental stock, without spending a penny more on marketing.

We work with a range of different estate agents such as Savills, Manning Stainton and Marsh & Parsons as well as many others who have all reaped the benefits from working alongside our team.

• Increase conversion rates from valuation to instruction by minimum 15%
• Increase their fees by an average of 20%
• Increase referrals by 22%
• Increase viewing to offer by 17%
• Increase offer to deal by 16%

We offer estate agent workshops where you will learn key skills including:
How to have a conversation, not an interrogation
How to get an FS appointment when the buyer says ‘I have a broker’
How to get private landlords details every time the applicant is renting in your area
The ‘10 killer questions’ to qualify effectively and book viewings for multiple properties

What our clients say about us?
“I am a first time client of Tony’s and made my point early on that I really wasn’t interested in training unless there was a commitment to tangible results. In the end, we agreed a fee on that basis and Tony was instructed to train 5 front line sales staff.

“Following on from the training, I saw an average 15% improvement in the lead conversion rate of my 5 sales people that attended Tony’s two day course. The anecdotal feedback I had from my staff was that Tony’s training provided them with practical, relevant skills that helped them improve their performance, rather than just blue sky thinking that works in a class room but not in the real world.

“I found Tony easy to deal with and passionate about his subject matter. But not just this, he made good on his commitment to produce tangible results, which is why I am now in discussions about rolling out a larger training course across the board.” Michael Cook MARLA, Managing Director, Residential Lettings

Why choose Sales Doctors?

What makes us different to other sales trainers, is that we are sales people that train, so we all share the same passion for getting the sale and continually develop our techniques to ensure we deliver the most up to date methods. We use techniques that are more relevant to the current market, allowing staff to use the skills and reap the benefits, with more practical examples than theory based seminars.

Don’t just trust our word for it though. Check out our testimonials at to find out the successes of our clients.

If you feel like your estate agents would benefit from some new sales training that gets real results for your business, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team today using the contact form at or calling us on 01923 43 8972.

We deliver bespoke sales training that improves your sales success

Flexible & bespoke sales training to accommodate the needs of you & your team.


Practical techniques you can easily implement for instant improvements.


Free on-going support via phone or email, after training is complete.


A proven track record working with businesses of all types & sizes.

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