Sales Mastery

Sales Mastery

What does every successful sales person, athlete, sports person and entrepreneur have in common?

They ALL have a coach/ Mentor!

They understand to perform at THEIR best, they must learn from those with more expertise, knowledge and proven results than themselves.

These people refer to themselves as Work in progress.

The challenge to getting a coach/ Mentor is the huge cost. As mentors and coaches have proven success in a specific area of their lives, they charge a lot of money for their time. Although this is fair and justified, it becomes unaffordable for most.

On the back of this challenge, Sales Mastery was born.

When Tony talks about how good he is it’s bragging, when his clients do it’s proof:

Tony Morris, has had 20 years of SUCCESS (not just experience) in sales. From starting in the largest call centre in the UK, he became the fastest person to become the top performer out of 80 people for 6 consecutive months.Tony then decided to move into a business to business environment selling IT solutions. Within his first 7 months, he was the fastest member to be promoted to a field sales consultant. Within his first year on the road, he exceeded all his targets and become the top performer out of the 18 field sales consultants.

It was on the back of this success, Tony realised he had to share what he had learned with as many sales people as he could. Sales Doctors was then born. In the last 12 years, Tony and his team of experts have helped in excess of 18,000 sales professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs across the world.

Tony now wants to share all this wisdom, expertise and knowledge with YOU. He wants to deliver to you everything he has ever learned in the world of sales, in a step by step process, that will GUARANTEE your sales results will catapult.

Tony is so confident your sales will catapult on the back of his Sales Mastery, he will offer you a 100% Money back guarantee if you feel you haven’t taken away value. No questions will be asked!Everyone has different challenges when it comes to sales; there is no magic formula that can help everybody. Therefore, Sales Mastery is a 1-2-1 Mentorship that will help YOU get the sales results YOU deserve.To help as many sales professionals as possible, Tony has made it easily affordable for everyone.

These are the results you will achieve:

  • How to consistently have a positive mind set
  • Learn the 3 key steps to give yourself an unfair advantage over your competition when preparing for a sales call
  • Understand exactly whom you should be targeting in your business and create a hitlist
  • Learn what each phone call and/ or meeting personally earns YOU; even if you don’t achieve the outcome you desire
  • Understand word for word what to say when making contact with your key decision maker
  • The most effective emails to send to stand out and be memorable
  • Learn the ‘uncover the truth’ technique to handle every objection you’ll ever receive
  • Understand the 2 factors what will help you identify the behaviour of the person you’re speaking to within 30 seconds
  • Learn the 5 techniques to develop your listening skills, which is arguably the most important skill in sales
  • Understand how to close business without coming across as a sales person
  • Learn how to turn customers into raving fans and quadruple your sales figures

What you’ll recieve:

  • A pipeline tracker to manage all your deals
  • A worksheet to help you calculate what every call and meeting earns you
  • A call recording software that enables you to record sales calls for Tony to provide detailed feedback
  • A sales plan to enable you to understand exactly what activity is required, to achieve the goals you wish to desire

What’s included in Sales Mastery:

  • Monthly 60 Mins telephone appointment to discuss results and recommendations
  • Feedback on 2 sales calls that are recorded per month
  • A copy of Tony’s books each month
  • A sales podcast each month
  • The perfect sales call video
  • Coffees for Closers audio book (Amazon best seller)
  • A ticket to one LIVE prospecting event where Tony will call YOUR prospects in front of you and get results

What’s asked of you:

Tony will ONLY work with people who will take 100% responsibility for their sales performance. He will hold you fully accountable for implementing everything he shares and will not accept excuses.

Results Tony has achieved for his clients he mentors:

  • After working with Tony for 3 months, I won 3 clients on the back of cold calling. They hit 73% of my entire annual target

Paul Bellish – IT software Company

  • After my first session with Tony, I got my first referral that was worth £17,240

Julie Hyjan – property investment firm

Your investment:

£299 per month

Sales Mastery Premium:

  • 1 hour telephone appointment every 2 weeks
  • Feedback on 1 sales call per week that are recorded using our software.
  • A copy of one of Tony’s sales books each Month
  • A copy of Tony’s perfect sales call DVD
  • A copy of Tony’s audio book of Coffee’s for closers
  • A ticket to one LIVE prospecting event where Tony will call YOUR prospects in front of you and get results
  • Unlimited emails access for the Mentee


£499 per month

It’s a minimum 6 month commitment to achieve the success you deserve.

Payments are taken at the beginning of each month by direct debit.

Next steps:

To apply, please email or call 07915645267

Tony is the master at what he does. He inspires and delivers in such a way that is refreshing, honest and it actually works… I would highly recommend Tony to any hirer for his thorough and innovative results he achieves.

Sue Mather, Regional Business Development Manager
at Acorn Recruitment

Don’t take Tony’s word for it


Coffee’s for closers, Dear Sales Doctor, The Perfect Sales Call, Estate of Mind and The Perfect Sales Meeting.

Each have achieved 4* and 5* book reviews across numerous business magazines and journals.






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